Avast Anti Theft an added Feature to Look Upon

How interesting and relaxed it sounds when you can actually know who stole your Android device and can get a picture as well of the thieves? Earlier it was just a topic of discussion but now it is possible.
Avast Anti Theft an added Feature to Look Upon

Avast has made this thought into a reality by introducing Avast Mobile Security feature which with the help of remote controls can locate the stolen phone and can provide you with the snap as well.

So, the only reason Smartphone owner needs is while their device gets stolen, how to find it quickly and easily and to keep the content secure while it is out of your reach.

The other matter we are concerned about is whoever has our Smartphone won't be able to access our contacts, bank account and social media. And for that, you need another device i.e. remote control in the form of a laptop or other phone to lock your missing device which can be unlocked with your password only. Thus, making it worthless to the thief.

But sometimes it can be the case when your cell phone isn't stolen but you left it somewhere. In that situation, you can also activate a siren sound from your phone remotely and can reunite within seconds if you are still close to the device. But this feature is fruitful if it has been stolen this siren can actually freak the thief out. Even if they to try to decrease the volume, it will automatically increase and in the process of unlocking and putting it on silent, it will actually take a photo called Theft.

For locating it, you can use GPS, Wi-Fi or a mobile network. You can also track the thief's location on a map if he is on the run.

Contact Avast Technical Support is here to help you with all the added and upgraded features at 1-844-888-3870.

If you want to understand any added or upgraded feature in this antivirus, then get in touch with the team of experts at Avast support number 1-844-888-3870 for any assistance.

We assure you to go through all the features plus guide you for any trouble you are encountering with the software.

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